BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Jenny Lomax the Ombudsman Confirms the Idiots That Designed the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Made No allowances For Amending an Incorrectly Entered Turnover Figure and Makes HSBC Pay Compensation for Lying and Saying a Customer Could Do So

It’s a terrible situation when banks tell great big wobbly lies to their customers, much more so when they relate to the Bounce Back Loan scheme. Today’s case saw HSBC being given a slap and having to pay compensation for telling lies […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Hayley West the Ombudsman Decides That Clydesdale Bank Were Within Their Rights to Snatch Back a Bounce Back Loan for Reasons That Must Remain Secret

The murky world of Bounce Back Loans continues to amaze the British Public, with stories of dodgy BBLs being handed out to drug addicts and even criminal gangs now becoming an almost daily occurrence. That saga will of course continue to get worse moving forward, with plenty of additional scandals yet to be revealed, but today […]

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The Disqualification Files

A Santander, Lloyds and Would You Believe a Coutts Bank Bounce Back Loan All Go Sour Leaving Rishi to Fork Out £98,000 in Guarantees – Three Directors are Hit with a 6, 7 and an 11 Year Disqualification Respectively for BBL Wrongdoing

As Rishi continues to play word games regarding Bounce Back Loan fraud, even saying yesterday he is not “writing off” fraud, the number of cases of BBL wrongdoing continues to grow with banks claiming on the guarantee to claw their money back from the Government and in turn us. […]