The Disqualification Files

7 Year Disqualification for failing to Maintain and/or Preserve Accounting Records Making it Impossible For the Insolvency Service to Verify if a Grant and Lloyds Bank BBL Were Used for Benefit of Company or if Turnover Was High Enough to Warrant a £20k BBL

As furlough comes to an end, it is sad to see the Government update their website today regarding their “Guide to Bankruptcy”, an indication of how things have progressed for many people over the last 18 months or so. Another Company Director faces a 7 year ban, this time for failing to keep accounting records to help the Insolvency Service determine where a Government Grant and Bounce Back Loan went. […]

The Disqualification Files

Insolvency Service Unable to Determine if a Starling Bank BBL Was Obtained Legitimately and Why Company Was Not Registered for VAT Given Director Applied for a £50K BBL Requiring a Minimum £200k Turnover – Upshot 7 Year Disqualification

Due to not keeping/preserving adequate accounting records has resulted in a Company Director being disqualified for 7 years, mainly due to the fact the Insolvency Service could not work out if a Starling Bank BBL was used for the benefit of the company, and they question why the company was not registered for VAT when a £50k BBL was obtained, with the turnover for that value loan having to be at least £200k. […]

The Disqualification Files

Company Director Used a Lloyd’s Bank Bounce Back Loan to “Sustain Daily Living Costs” and Insolvency Service Disqualify Him for 6 Years Upon Liquidation of the Company

As we rattle through the months, I am seeing more and more Company Directors being hit with long disqualifications when winding up their companies when a Bounce Back Loan is involved when the Insolvency Service discover the funds from that loan were used for personal benefit and not the benefit of the business, here is another one, this time regarding a Lloyds Bank BBL. […]

The Disqualification Files

Company Director Applied for a Bounce Back Loan Top Up and Made Payments Benefiting Himself When He Should Have Known His Business Was Insolvent and Gets Hit With a 6 Year Disqualification

Today I present to you another first, that being the story of  a Company Director who got a 6 year disqualification for applying for a BBL Top Up (as opposed to just a BBL) and according to the Insolvency Service used it for personal benefit when he should have known or did know his business was insolvent. […]

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Misconduct in Public Office

Having Received an Unreserved Apology from HM Treasury, I Have Submitted My Claim for Compensation Due to Their Maladministration of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Here is An Overview of that Claim

Having been warned of the sheer lunacy of launching the Bounce Back Loan scheme without protecting those applying from bad bank practices and other aspects of the scheme, and with 128 Members of the House of Lords voting to give borrowers the protections they deserve and 244 voting against, today I will give you an insight into my claim for compensation. […]

The Disqualification Files

Insolvency Service Hits Company Director With a 6 Year Disqualification for Being Both Insolvent When Applying for a £15k BBL and Using £14,980 for Personal Benefit and Not the Benefit of the Business

The number of businesses defaulting on their Bounce Back Loans is increasing rapidly, but let’s face it they are going to continue to do so, unless Rishi listens to those offering alternative solutions, and brings out a few more options for those experiencing financial problems. Today I will give you an overview of the reasons why the Insolvency Service has just hit one Director with a 6 year disqualification, and much like all previous cases in my “Disqualification Files it involves a BBL. […]