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BEIS Once Led By Kwasi Kwarteng Appear Not Arsed About the FCA Report Into Lenders Abusing BBL Customers – The FCA However Are Eager to Talk they Know BBL Lenders are Scamming the Scheme

“The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is a part of the government and BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) is also a part of government, and so we would not provide a commentary on another part of government’s report” was the reply I got after asking BEIS for a comment on the shocking report compiled by the FCA regarding abuse of SME customers and those with a Bounce Back Loan. […]

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Are BBL Lenders Aiding and Abetting Fraudsters and Making Identity Crime Victims Unaware They Have Been Victim of BBL Fraud with their Account Reviews, and Ensuring Their Guarantees are Safe by Not Registering BBL’s on Credit Files?

There have already been cases before the courts in which people have been convicted of applying for and getting Bounce Back Loans using the details of businesses, they are not the Owner/Director of. However, one must question the logic of some banks not registering […]

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SME’s Admit to Being Threatened and Intimidated By Third Parties Who Initially Approached Them Posing as an “Accountant” or “Broker” and Offering to Apply for a Bounce Back Loan for Them for a Percentage of the Loans Value

I have compiled this article today for I want those bank bosses, members of Government and everyone else in one way or another linked and associated with the Bounce Back Loan scheme who read this website daily, to read it and digest what I am saying. […]

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Multiple Reports of Madness with Santander Account Reviews and HSBC Safeguarding Reviews Leading to Demands for Full Repayment of Bounce Back Loans and Even CIFAS Markers

OK, listen up, if you have received an infamous HSBC “Safeguarding review” which they ridiculously send via email so many people miss getting them, or Santander are putting you through one of their equally infamous “account reviews” you need to be aware of what they can do if you do not respond. […]