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Been Convicted of Dropping Litter? Not Paid Your Tax Bill? All Possible Reasons a Bank Will Issue an Event of Default for a Bounce Back Loan!

I have been busy of late trying to make sense of the constant stream of snatch back letters many banks have been sending out, which are basically demands for the full and early repayment of Bounce Back Loans, and whilst some of the reasons they are sending such demands/letters out are obvious, some border on the downright outrageous, let me explain. […]

Banks and BBLs

Government Set to Tackle Directors Who Have Inappropriately Wound-Up Companies That Have Benefited From Bounce Back Loans

Lots for you to read today, as the Government are now scrambling around like headless chickens in an attempt to do everything they can to stop or at least deter Directors winding up companies if they bagged a Bounce Back Loan, so grab a coffee and read on, and see what Kwasi Kwarteng and others are planning and are up to. Does it include MPs, Members of the House of Lords and Ex-PM’s? Take a Look.. […]

British Business Bank

British Business Bank CEO Linked with Drug Firms, Son of an Iranian business magnate and Strange Links to Tide Too and Other Goodies…

I often wonder what type of person you have to be to be linked with a firm that makes money from the suffering of others, and today I will be looking at one such firm, and one that has direct links to the CEO of the British Business Bank, the son of Iranian business magnate, oh and links with Tide, the BBL lender than run out of money and its CEO said he would badger his contacts in Government for dosh (similarly to what Dodgy Dave Cameron is alleged to have done), then magically won a BCR Grant of £25m whilst supported by the BBB. […]

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Worried About Going Bust Having Had a Government Backed Loan? Don’t Be, as a Company with Links to Rishi Sunak and His Wife Has Already Done So, But for a Whopping £1.3m Oh What Fun!

You are not going to believe this, well in today’s Political world you will, below I will lay out all the facts on how a company linked directly to Rishi Sunak and his Wife, bagged a £1.3m Government Back Loan and then went into Administration. I will let you connect the dots on this one dear reader, as I know you like to see “receipts”. […]