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Been Convicted of Dropping Litter? Not Paid Your Tax Bill? All Possible Reasons a Bank Will Issue an Event of Default for a Bounce Back Loan!

I have been busy of late trying to make sense of the constant stream of snatch back letters many banks have been sending out, which are basically demands for the full and early repayment of Bounce Back Loans, and whilst some of the reasons they are sending such demands/letters out are obvious, some border on the downright outrageous, let me explain. […]

British Business Bank

The British Business Bank YOU Pay For Are Compiling Guidance for Brokers Who Feast on Commissions and Fees

It gets worse dear website visitor it really does, below you can view in full the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) Intermediary (Broker) Guidance the British Business Bank YOU pay for have helped compile. It shows “Brokers” how to earn a healthy commission/fee for “helping” you get a Recovery Loan, the British Business Bank appear to be very chummy with those Brokers, and are eager for them to earn that commission/fee. Why are the British Business Bank YOU pay for not helping SME’s instead? […]

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