Misconduct in Public Office

I Turn Up at HM Treasury Alongside the 9 Foot Tall Count Sunakula Chasing Up a Reply to My Complaint about the Mishandling of the BBL Scheme and Low and Behold Whilst I Am There They Send it to Me – Take a Look At What It Says

I once again thank the EUA Campaign for holding another excellent event, this time outside Parliament. I will do a full report on that event, at which I did of course catch up with the legal firm that are challenging Bounce Back Loans (I will report on that tomorrow and update you all). However, we did also visit HM Treasury […]

Misconduct in Public Office

Having Received an Unreserved Apology from HM Treasury, I Have Submitted My Claim for Compensation Due to Their Maladministration of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Here is An Overview of that Claim

Having been warned of the sheer lunacy of launching the Bounce Back Loan scheme without protecting those applying from bad bank practices and other aspects of the scheme, and with 128 Members of the House of Lords voting to give borrowers the protections they deserve and 244 voting against, today I will give you an insight into my claim for compensation. […]

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Misconduct in Public Office

I Have Received an Unreserved Apology for an Error Made by Government Lawyers Surrounding the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. Having Suffered Direct and Indirect Financial Loss I Am Now Seeking Compensation as Per (PSHO) Published Principles for Remedy

Another quick update as I have a very busy few days ahead. I received, from HM Treasury yesterday, an unreserved apology regarding an error made by Government Lawyers surrounding the legalisation on Bounce Back Loans, as you can see in the letter below. My next course of action is to seek compensation for both […]