The Disqualification Files

Three Co-Directors Slapped with 11 Year Disqualifications for Over-Estimating Their Estimated Turnover to Get Two Barclays Bounce Back Loans and Failing to Explain How They Estimated Their Estimated Turnover!

Over-estimating their estimated turnover but failing to explain how they estimated the estimated turnover of two businesses to secure two Bounce Back Loans leads to 3 Co-Directors each getting 11-year disqualifications. Confused? Read on for an overview. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

NatWest Turn a Customers Bounce Back Loan Into a Standard Non-BBL Business Loan With No Government Guarantee and No PAYG Options – Ombudsman Says That’s Perfectly Fine

Missing the cut-off date for businesses to be eligible for the Bounce Back Loan scheme by one day sees this NatWest customer missing out on the PAYG options and the Government Guarantee on their BBL and having it turned into a non-BBL business loan, and the Ombudsman says the bank can do that. […]

The Disqualification Files

With No Accounts to Inspect, Another Barclays £50k Bounce Back Loan Heads for the Government Guarantee With No One Knowing Where it Went, Bar the Company Director who Got a 6 Year Ban

The ban the Company Director named in this case has just been given, would have been much higher, had he supplied the Company accounts and they had proved the Bounce Back Loan his Company got had been bagged against the rules of that scheme or used incorrectly. Anyway, he ended up with just a 6 year ban for the reasons outlined. […]