The Disqualification Files

Read the Testimony of Someone Who Purchased a Rolex Watch, Travelled and Gambled and Misused a Bounce Back Loan Who Has Just Been Given a 7 Year Bankruptcy Restrictions Order. Plus, Three Other People In a Similar Situation

Below is today’s rollcall of people who have just been given Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders for Bounce Back Loan wrongdoing, including the testimony of one chap who admitted to not using his BBL for the benefit of his business. […]

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As the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce Get Ready to Disband, Tales of the Hoops They Make SME’s Jump Through to Verify They Were Eligible for SEISS, the Eat Out to Help Out and the Job Retention Schemes Continue to Come In – Here is One of the Letters They Send Out

Having been set up in a blaze of glory, the main tasks of the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce were to go hunting down those who blagged the SEISS, Job Retention and Eat Out to Help Out Schemes. Let’s face it, many […]

The Disqualification Files

With No Accounting Records Supplied to the Liquidator That Could Have Explained Where a £50k Bounce Back Loan Went, a Company Director is Given a 6 Year Disqualification

This case is a prime example of the often much lower length of disqualification handed out when a Company takes the Insolvency route with a BBL owing when no accounting records are supplied, than the length of disqualifications given out when such records are supplied but prove BBL wrongdoing. […]