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If You Have a Bounce Back Loan Off the Cooperative Bank You Cannot Borrow Money from Anyone Else Unless They Say You Can in Writing, In Fact Any BBL Lender Can Do Anything a Court Would Deem Unfair

I have previously told you how committing a crime such as dropping litter could be classed as an Event of Default with Starling Bank, well I am sure many of you are unaware that Cooperative Banks’ BBL terms state only they can lend you money whilst you have a BBL unless they give permission in writing. Anything a court would deem unfair is legally permitted. […]

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Been Convicted of Dropping Litter? Not Paid Your Tax Bill? All Possible Reasons a Bank Will Issue an Event of Default for a Bounce Back Loan!

I have been busy of late trying to make sense of the constant stream of snatch back letters many banks have been sending out, which are basically demands for the full and early repayment of Bounce Back Loans, and whilst some of the reasons they are sending such demands/letters out are obvious, some border on the downright outrageous, let me explain. […]