To make my never ending task of updating this website a tad easier, you can now submit your Bounce Back Loan Experience to me directly from this website or if you prefer you can DM me on the Bounce Back Loan Experience Twitter Account.

However, please read the instructions below to ensure your experience is submitted and I can verify it.

**I will edit your experience removing any obvious identifying aspects of it.

Step One

Tell Your Experience in the “Comment” Box

Step Two

Fill in Your Name (This will not be used on the website)

Step Three

Fill in Your Email Address (This will not be used on the website)

Step Four

Enter Any Website You May Have (This will not be used on the website you can leave it blank if you prefer)

Step Five

Click on the “Post Comment” button (Your experience will then be instantly submitted, and the form will reset when it resets it HAS been submitted and you will see an “awaiting moderation” message).

Step Six

I will then review, edit and publish your Bounce Back Loan Experience shortly.

For those asking, if you want to make a donation to keep the site ticking over you can do so, details on the “Donations Page” tab

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